Though every project is a custom design with a custom process, there are guiding principles we always adhere to.
No matter the scope of a project, our standard of excellence remains constant.
Above all, we are committed to quality, beauty, comfort, and attention to detail.


To translate your dream home into your real home, our award winning architects map out your designs with 3D renderings. We find that 3D renderings are the easiest way to ensure our designs match the client’s vision, and the best way to bring the design process to life.

Designing a whole house can be daunting for any homeowner. That’s why we have a team of designers ready to advise on interior design, who are excited to bring a client’s style and personality to their new home. We accompany the client and designer to all supplier meetings, and help advise on the best products and materials for each custom design. 


Comfort is the backbone of every home, and climate is the core of comfort. To keep our custom homes climate controlled, we pay close attention to energy loss and place a big emphasis on eliminating any thermal bridging.

What’s thermal bridging? Imagine an outside wall with a stud in it. One side has dry wall, one side has sheeting. That stud point is a bridge for cold air to run inside, and warm air to run outside. At Hauge Custom Homes, we work with our clients to find the perfect combination of spray foam insulation and exterior insulation to eliminate thermal bridging -  to eliminate cold air coming in and warm air coming out.


Net-zero energy is our new normal. That’s why we’re working with energy advisors on all our current projects.

By June 2021, Kelowna is mandating all new homes to qualify with Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code an energy efficiency building code with 5 steps. (5 being the most efficient). At Hauge Custom Homes, we’re endeavoring to reach Step 5 of that code. 


Homeownership is an investment, so we want to reduce operating costs for homeowners as much as possible. 

Our Step 5 energy-efficient designs protect the environment, and also keep energy bills as low as possible (as the most energy-efficient homes being built today). We also waterproof all our basements - preventing hidden costs down the road. 


At Hauge Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. So, we like to see all the details! During construction, all job sites are kept clean on a regular basis. This allows us to clearly monitor everything from the drywall to the tiniest screw.

Before possession date, we bring in professional cleaners to all our custom homes. Plus, all furnace duct work is cleaned professionally before handoff. With Hauge Custom Homes, you really can move-in on your moving day!

Let's build your dream home.

Whether your vision is clear or you come with a few basic concepts we can help you fill in the blanks and create the home that you imagine.

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