Your custom home begins with your vision. Whether your vision is clear or you come with a few basic concepts we can help you fill in the blanks and create the home that you imagine.  We listen to your ideas and discuss your needs and lifestyle, and plan according to your style and budget. We assess potential building sites to ensure the site chosen is suitable to achieve your vision. Architects create the initial design that is then reviewed and perfected until it becomes the plan that reflects your dream home.


Once a site is chosen and the plans complete, we provide a personal project plan that includes a budget and a timeline for completion. We are committed to precise planning to eliminate budget overruns or delays in the timeline. Expenses are reported to you monthly and there are no hidden charges. Costs are tracked and book keeping is transparent. Our attention to detail in the planning phase is what sets us apart, and allows us to continuously deliver on our promises and built the dream home of our clients!


The build process begins when we coordinate with surveyors, engineers and city officials. Once we break ground on your home, we meet regularly to keep you well informed of both the building and 

budget progress. For out of town clients, we provide weekly reports and digital media to enable you to see your project assembled from afar. We manage every aspect of the build and communicate weekly to ensure you are a part of the process. We take the worry and stress out of building a home.



Matt Hauge is an award-winning, innovative builder with a reputation for delivering excellent homes that ensure the best value for client investment. With over 30 years experience in the industry and over 50 luxury custom homes built, Matt maintains an exceptional reputation with clients, trades, suppliers and approving agencies throughout the Okanagan Valley.

Matt is known for his ability to develop excellent working relationships with clients that reflect his personal values of integrity, dependability and attention to detail. He is a tireless advocate for the the homeowner to ensure that all work is done with quality and within budgetary parameters. He is keenly interested in ensuring that a project becomes the home of his client's dreams. 





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